Wednesday, May 29, 2013



Scout’s life in to kill a mockingbird was a struggle. She went through a lot of hard things with people judging her and family, but she still went on with Jem and Calpurnia doing what they had to do to have fun and live a good life and they made new friends and they made some new enemy and scout almost got killed and so did Jem. Calpurnia helps them both with their struggle to have a strong and be reminded how it was to get where they are at.

 Boo radley starts be nice to Scout and Jem and he help them out and keeps the save from the many people in the town that want to hurt them because their father is help a black man with a case because he being changed with rape and no one in the town likes it and Scout and Jem need to work really hard to learn the lesson they need to.

Monday, March 11, 2013

short story

Short Story Our story starts on a nice saturday afternoon and a boy named John follow this girl Joan on instagram and then he found he her kik. so he massage her and she text back and said omg i was going to just message you and John thought wow. She was going to message a beautiful girl he didn't know and they began talk everyday and everyday they started to like each other more and more to which it started to be become and they started to talk about their future and what they wanted to be when they grow up. if they wanted a family. John is dying to see this girl but at last he can't because of his mother doesn't want him to see the girl but he doesn't care what she says because he love her but then he get in trouble in school and she takes his phone and he does know how to talk to her because that was the only way that he could talk to her but he finds away and she love him more for it and where Joan lives she going thru hard times because she was getting in trouble in school and she really want to see John and she need to work harder in school and so did John and so one day they could be together and they did just that for three more years and but their parents wouldn't let them leave to see each other and so John and Joan left to be together and they meet in florida and they began their lives to together and she started to work as a schoolteacher and John as a auto repair man and they started to make a family and they did start to talk to their family again and it work they went to massachusetts and california to see their parents and their brother and sister and them lived a great life together and they had kids Anthony and miya and their kids had kids and they went to family trips and the family got bigger and there was so much love because of two kids that fell in love and it all started with a text that said hey and any is possible and dreams will come true.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

My IPod is my price and my little is my priceless because my little sister is my life i love to do thing with her and be with her all the time. She make me laugh all the time with the stuff she does and the stuff she says.she tells my little brother that he ugly and he needs to take a shower and i love to play around with her tell her i have her nose and tell her that there a monster behind her but she gets me back when I'm sleeping she will hit me in the face or yell at me early in the morning. my IPod is my price because I payed for it and i love it and never leave it anywhere is away in my hand or in my pocket and i always use it in the car. At home and sometimes in school i love my ipod my ipod and my sister are kind the same because they both make me happy mad or laugh but i love them both and that my price and priceless essay.

Monday, December 3, 2012

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Monday, September 17, 2012

summer reading essay

Scott pilgrim from Scott pilgrim vs  the World
Mr.Hillyer from The Time Machine

Once upon a time Scott Pilgrim was walking and he meet a man named Mr.Hillyer and they were from two story scott was from a story that he had to fight his girlfriend seven evil ex boyfriend and each one had a different power and Scott got better with fight and the guitar by each person he fought and Mr.Hillyer story is that he want to time traveller and he did a lot of thing to get to time traveller. Scott and Mr.Hillyer were at the coffee shop in Scott world and thing were going great but then Scott has to fight one of Ramona’s ex boyfriend and mr.Hillyer was scared and he hid in the trash. Scott fought Todd Ramona third ex boyfriend and he was a vegan and being a vegan gave him power to kill anything that was in his way and he can shout layer out his eye and shout scott into wall. Todd date Scott’s ex girlfriend Envy but her real name was natalie then scott didn’t know that they were dating and he was mad because she punch scott's ex girlfriend knives chau and hit her so hard that she slap the high light out her hair. Mr.Hillyer didn't know what to do because Scott and Todd were fighting so bad that  the earth was shaking and then Scott punch Todd to the moon and landed on the hole that he made on the moon for Envy and Mr.Hillyer had to fight with his best friend and he went to Todd and help Scott fight Todd and then the vegan police showed up and what they didn’t was that Todd was eating meat and drinking milk and so they told Todd that he would be strip of his vegan power and lost his power and Scott punch Todd in the face and his whole body turn into coins and Mr.Hillyer went to Scott and he told him that he was dating knives chau for a week or two now and he was sorry because he didn’t know that he dated knives and then Scott told him is ok that he dates knives and then Scott ,Ramona And Knives chau and Mr.Hillyer lived happily ever after.

       The End By Juni Sanchez